Biofreshtech presents its themal accumulation solution

Startup BiofreshTech, partner of La Pinada Lab, has presented in our space a novel solution for the cooling of refigerators and freezers that does not require a continuous source of energy.

Based on a patented technology for the accumulation of thermal energy in a phase-change fluid, BiofreshTech has built a first series of prototypes in collaboration with leading companies such as Mercadona or Frost-trol.

Imagen of Roberto Solsona, General Manager for Frost-trol

The main differential aspect is that since it has a vey high capacity for the accumulation of cold or heat, it is not necessary to keep a power source connected continuously. Thus, refrigerators, wine racks and other devices can operate autonomously, opening up many application possibilities.

The main advantages of this new system are the saving of electricity, reduction of CO2 emissions and improvement of the quality of the cold and of the preserved products, in a wide range of applications in the domestic, industrial or logistical field, such as the transport of food and drugs.

In addition, this mechanism not only enables the production of cold, but also heat. Javier Guillén, creator of the idea and director de R&D and Innovation at BiofreshTech, explained that the objectives are centered on “the development of thermal accumulation solutions at different temperatures, from freezing of -40ºC below zero to 130ºC”.

Simultaneously, Biofreshtech is working on the applitacion of those capabilities to heating devices and in the production of sanitary hot water, which, according to the co-founder of the startup, “will be seen first-hand in Barrio La Pinada”.

Along with Javier Guillen, Rafael Matamoros, CEO of the company, and other members and partners of the project also participated in the event. The general director of Innovation of the Generalitat, Sonia Tirado, and the mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo, were also present.


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