Pilot testing of the Lions2Life electric storage system

We’re in the process of launching a validation experiment as part of the Lions2Life: From waste Batteries to Sustainable Energy Storage project.

The goal of the project is to prove the technical and economic feasibility of developing a circular economy process around e-mobility batteries.

This goal is not a random one. The accelerated development of electric bicycles, scooters and other vehicles has brought a new flow of residues in the shape of used batteries, with a corresponding footprint. It is esential to explore ways to tap into the potential value of this new waste.

The testbed

La Pinada Lab’s physical space is arranged in four pavilions. One of them is devoted entirely to instalations and infrastructure, and the remaining three will be used as work spaces and a workshop. The whole venue is designed to hold pilot runs and experimental projects, and each pavilion has a unique configuration of instalations, amterials and construction systems.

Render of La Pinada Lab

As regards instalations, climate generation is based on a combination of DCL geothermal and aerothermal systems, backed by high performance heat pumps apoyada and a PCM-based thermal storage solution, with distribution through radiant floor and ceiling.

The electric system, entirely off-the-grid, is based on solar panels and an electric accumulation system based on Li-Ion batteries, to which the Lions2Life prototype will be connected.

The Lions2Life system

During the month of June we will be busy installing all those technologies, including the Lions2Life unit. The next image shows the layout of the electric system:

Image of the electric system to which the Lions2Life prototype will be connected

The Lions2Life project is funded by EIT Climate-KIC and its consortium features UPV, AVAESEN, ECODOM, Recyclia and Mosaik Urban Systems.


In our blog we write about our experiments and learnings, the activities we carry out and our partners' activities.

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