Vidrio fotovoltaico and IoT sensors///

Vidrio fotovoltaico and IoT sensors

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Peafowl Solar Power has three demonstration units installed in our space, with the goal of evaluating the efficiency of transparent solar cells.

Transparent solar cells are essentially a form of photovoltaic glass, which allows radiation to be converted into electrical energy.

In the demonstration units, the electrical current feeds a group of sensors that measure environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, luminosity, etc. These sensors are connected to a local LoRa network, and send their measurements according to a pre-set schedule and when the interior sensors indicate changes.

The photovoltaic glass is placed in a frame, in front of a photograph with small holes so that the sensors can take measurements.

Thus, what is visually a decorative element is actually a small, self-sufficient laboratory, highly flexible and easy to install and move, without a trace of batteries or cables.


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10 de January de 2022

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