SALTO Systems joins La Pinada Lab as Project Partner

There is little doubt nowadays that we’re in the age of ecosystems and collaboration. Hardly anybody will question that the impact we’re able to produce is exponentially greater when like minded people and organisations join forces.

This proven fact is the driver of our latest partnership.

La Pinada Lab and SALTO Systems have signed a partnership agreement with the goal of making the built environment more sustainable, inclusive and livable through the smart, sensible use of technology and data.

About SALTO Systems

Since 2001, SALTO Systems has been delivering state-of-the-art, wire-free and keyless electronic access control solutions and has established a strong presence in the access control industry. SALTO Systems develops innovative and reliable electronic locking solutions that improve user experience, operations, security and enhances facility efficiency while minimizing maintenance costs.

SALTO goes beyond the simple door lock, focusing on the solutions, with a strong presence on making buildings more secure and better places to live, work, and visit following growing needs in the sharing economy. Whether it is a single 20-door space, a multiple sites global brand or an existing / retrofit building already using management software, SALTO has the solution for any type of door and business of any size.

SALTO Systems door lock

From smaller spaces to significant worldwide industry leaders SALTO supports its clients with the supports of their operations team, wherever your brand may be.

SALTO’s goal is to utilise technology not only to provide access control management but as a solution for many (social) problems such as defeating loneliness, encouraging creativity and productivity while living and working side by side.

Their aim is to connect the dots of customer lifestyle, ROI analytics and smart access together.

Our plans together

SALTO Systems is joining La Pinada Lab’s partnership program as Project Partner.

The first step is incorporating the SALTO KS line of products to the infrastructure of LPL’s space. And being placed in a lab, it will only be natural to observe and experiment with the use of SALTO’s technology, possibly identifying opportunities for new solutions.

Also, both SALTO and LPL are strong believers in sharing, exchanging and networking. As part of its program of activities LPL will host events around Smart Cities, construction, building management and various related fields where SALTO and other partners and stakeholders will be able to share their expertise and learn from each other.

And in the slower burning stove we’ll be exploring potential innovation projects, both under public funding instruments as well as with private backing, in which we can develop new products, services, platforms, together with others.

Want to know more?

For any further details on SALTO Systems and SALTO KS please get in contact with Christian Schmitz –


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